Our Mission

      Our mission is to make credit and sustainability risk as transparent as possible for institutional investors and issuers to help them take more informed decisions to add economic value.  Scope’s strategy is to cater to the needs of institutional investors with a growing range of innovative products and services.

      Our Story

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      European Rating Agency

      Europe’s policy makers have long recognised the region’s need for its own strong, independent financial institutions, a view given extra urgency by the global financial crisis and the European sovereign debt crisis. Jean Claude Trichet, former President of the European Central Bank, said at the launch of the Scope Foundation: "Europe needs a strong and independent European rating agency."

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      A European Perspective

      Scope Ratings takes a distinctively European approach to assessing credit risk. We capture the characteristics of individual countries and regions, recognising local social, legal or political differences. Through our broad coverage of European debt instruments, with more than EUR 23trn rated, we help deepen Europe’s capital markets by providing a greater diversity of credit opinion.

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      Part of Scope Group

      Scope Ratings is a wholly owned subsidiary of Scope Group, the leading European provider of independent credit ratings, ESG analysis and fund research. Scope Group employs more than 300 people across Europe, with offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Oslo and Paris to serve our institutional clients. 
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      Management Committee

      The persons below constitute Scope’s top management.

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      Guillaume Jolivet
      Head of Ratings & Group CAO
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      Natalia Bourin
      Managing Director
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      Vincent Wald
      Managing Director
      Analytical Heads

      The persons below are heading our analyst teams.

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      Dr Giacomo Barisone
      Head of Sovereign and Public Sector
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      David Bergman
      Head of Structured Finance
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      Dierk Brandenburg
      Head of ESG & Credit Research
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      Karlo Stefan Fuchs
      Head of Covered Bonds
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      Kai Gerdes
      Head of Risk Solutions
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      Torsten Schellscheidt
      Head of Project Finance
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      Olaf Tölke
      Head of Corporates
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      Marco Troiano
      Head of Financial Institutions
      Independent Non-Executive Directors

      Each of our independent non-executive directors (INEDs) has a wealth of experience across the financial services industry, specifically within the debt capital markets and structured finance, with a deep understanding and knowledge of the credit rating process. They are not directly involved in credit rating activities but are involved in the oversight of the following areas:

      Surveillance of the rating agency’s rating policy.

      Effectiveness of the internal quality control system.

      Effectiveness of the rating agency’s Compliance Function.

      Effectiveness of the rating agency’s Review Function.

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      Paul Mazataud
      INED Scope Ratings GmbH
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      Fernando Mayorga
      INED Scope Ratings GmbH & Scope Ratings UK Ltd.
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      Judit Emese Seymour
      INED Scope Ratings UK Ltd.