Our Expertise

      SRS provides clients with the tools they need to produce credit-risk assessments in an efficient manner. Clients can license tools to produce in-house credit assessments themselves or request assessments from the SRS team. We base our solutions on the methodologies and tools available within the wider Scope Group and the SRS team’s extensive credit expertise.


      Team RS

      We provide credit-risk solutions for professionals in asset managers, banks, insurance companies and other non-bank financial institutions, corporates, and government organisations.

      SRS can offer some of its solutions through credit assessment workflow platforms to efficiently support the assessment process by combining client’s data, the input from credit analysts and interaction with scorecards and tools on one platform.

      Our clients use our solutions to support their assessments of credit risk on their obligors, counterparties or specific instruments across corporates, banks, project finance, aviation finance, structured finance, real estate, sovereign and public sector. This could be for regulated or non-regulated internal risk-management requirements.

      Examples of our solutions include Scope Credit Scorecards across the various franchises and Scope Portfolio and Cash Flow Tools, independent Assessments of Credit Risk produced by SRS on entities and instruments in client portfolios and mandated Country and Industry Risk Reports.

      Team Contacts

      A committed and culturally diverse team comprising credit risk analysts based in Frankfurt, Berlin, London and Poznań.

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      Kai Gerdes
      Head of Risk Solutions
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      Michael Bolle
      Business Development
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