Our Approach

      Scope’s general and asset-class-specific methodologies set out the principles that Scope applies for rating and monitoring all types of structured-finance instruments, generally issued through bankruptcy-remote special purpose vehicles and secured by one or more cash-flow generating assets. Click here to consult our methodological documents

      We take the context of the originator and the relevant jurisdiction into account. We analyse securitisations from a European perspective, applying our deep knowledge of local markets.

      We do not mechanistically limit the maximum achievable rating of a securitisation because of the credit quality of the country of the issuer or the securitised assets.

      We place high value on transparency in our rating reports, highlighting key rating drivers and underlying assumptions in a clear and concise manner to the benefit of investors and arrangers.

      Flexibility is also assured as we can provide arrangers with standard data templates relevant for securitisation analysis. We can also adapt and use third-party templates. Scope is equally committed to excellence in ratings delivery, working to speedy and bespoke timelines to suit client needs

      Our Research

      Scope Ratings’ structured finance research consists of a range of timely Europe-focused analysis, commentary and opinion on topical country-based themes and asset classes. Content is delivered in periodic, monthly and quarterly formats, keeping investors and market participants up to date on recurring issues and emerging trends. As an additional service, Scope offers analyst-delivered webinars on key themes and transactions.

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      Team Contacts

      Scope’s Structured Finance team is a highly diverse group, with 15 nationalities represented working from six locations across Europe

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      Antonio Casado
      Head of Structured Finance Monitoring
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      Benoit Vasseur
      Head of Structured Finance Primary Ratings
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      Keith Gilmour
      Business Development
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